How Does Disney Movies Alter A Child 's Perception

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Disney movies are reviewed to show hidden stereotypes and racial undertones that might alter a young child’s perception. Bringing attention to hidden messages in Disney movies over time will cause one to reconsider the movies they show their children. Disney movies are not bad movies exactly; they just need to be understood as fiction and not real life scenarios for young children. `

How does Disney Movies Alter a Child’s Perception
What’s your favorite Disney movie? Walt Disney is well known for their animated children movies. From Beauty and The Beast to their most recent movie Princess and the Frog, many children grow up watching Disney movies. While watching these movies many
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The mother figures are often absent in these films, or are portrayed as evil i.e. the evil step mothers. The girls are the heroines of the story but they are the helpless heroines, always needing a man to save them. The women in these movies don’t have their own identity; their identities always revolve around a male figure.
Snow White was the first heroine in the first full length animated film. In 1937, Snow White was the typical young, pretty, virgin girl who does housework with a wicked step mother. Snow White had dreams of a young rich prince coming to take her away. When Snow White is afraid she runs away and finds herself in this dirty shelter that she immediately begins to clean. She meets seven dwarfs living in this shelter, and continues to do the housework, taking on a “motherly house wife” role. Snow White is tricked by her step mother to eat an apple that is poisonous and she falls into a deep sleep, and cannot wake up unless she is kissed by a handsome prince. In the end, the prince comes to rescue her and they ride off happily ever after. This is very typical in Disney Animated films, women are happy as homemakers while they wait for a rich man to come take them away. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were later produced, having similar story lines to Snow White.
The Little Mermaid was another stereotypical Disney’s animated film. In 1989, the roles of women had
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