How Does Disney Movies Alter A Child 's Perception

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Disney movies are reviewed to show hidden stereotypes and racial undertones that might alter a young child’s perception. Bringing attention to hidden messages in Disney movies over time will cause one to reconsider the movies they show their children. Disney movies are not bad movies exactly; they just need to be understood as fiction and not real life scenarios for young children. `

How does Disney Movies Alter a Child’s Perception
What’s your favorite Disney movie? Walt Disney is well known for their animated children movies. From Beauty and The Beast to their most recent movie Princess and the Frog, many children grow up watching Disney movies. While watching these movies many people probably never thought of Disney movies as being stereotypical or racial, but as one continues their education, noticing the stereotypes and racial undertones behind some of the Disney characters is inevitable. Disney’s children movies are seen nationally by millions of children, but are these movies sending a negative message to our youth? Do these movies alter a young child’s perception? Do these movies create or encourage stereotypes? Walt Disney movies have hidden stereotypes in all of their movies. These stereotypes are usually hidden behind the happily ever endings, and these messages shape the way children think every day. Are the movies made by Disney really good for our children? What message is Disney sending to our…
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