How Does Emily Bronte's Use Of Mistaken Identity

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Thesis: Through the use of mistaken identity, fallen man, and social status, Emily Brontё reflects upon the human’s psychological state of mind in Wuthering Heights thus expressing the conflict of ...
TS: In Wuthering Heights, the motif of mistaken identity is found multiple times throughout the novel. It impacts the story as the reader can see how Heathcliff and Catherine’s relationship is harmful to one another.
CD: For example, when discussing with Nelly about her acceptance to Hareton’s proposal, Catherine tells Nelly that Heathcliff is “ ‘more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same’ ” (Brontё 79).
CM: Through this quote , the reader can see how Catherine’s infatuation with Heathcliff is abusive to
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