How Does Frequent Smartphone Use Impact Social Skills / Dimensions?

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Assessment 2: Communication for IT Professionals
Topic: Smartphones and Human Interaction
Question: How does frequent smartphone use impact social skills/dimensions?
In today’s modern society whenever you see a teenager or any aged human in the streets, at the train station, on a bus, what is something they all have in common? Most would be staring at a smartphone. This may seem like an un-significant issue as on the surface it is depicted harmless. But I have accumulated 4 articles that thoroughly reveal the dangers of frequent smartphone use and the way it negatively impacts an individual’s social skills. The 2 articles I have chosen to discuss provide an excellent insight on the topic which will provide enough support to commence an academic discussion. In these 2 articles they release studies that were performed to test the emotional and social skills of individuals who used smartphones frequently and how this impacted certain abilities such as reading emotions, communication skills and even reading and writing abilities.
The first article I have chosen to summarize and evaluate is titled “Study: Smartphones stunting students’ social skills” it was published on August 27, 2014 on by: Bob Kellogg. This article successfully highlights how smartphone use is so common in today’s world, statistics were featured early in the article which reveal that: as of 2009 22 percent of teens log on to social media sites more than 10 times a day, half log on more than once
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