How Does Memory Work Before Talking About What Goes Wrong?

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The brain is an amazing organ of the body, it does a trillion things at once, but one of the simplest things that it does is memory. To stop and think about what is memory and how does it work? What happens when something goes wrong and the brain cannot remember? How does a person live day to day without a memory? How does memory work before talking about what goes wrong? To begin with memory like everything else in the body there is a process that occurs; first it goes through "encoding, storage, and retrieval."(This is the process of memory, each are very important and it is amazing how the brain deciphers what is going to stay in the long term memory or short term. First off is encoding, it is all about "sensory information into …show more content…

Which means the person is thinking about the information constantly and that is what consciousness is or STM (short term memory). So what is working memory? It is the information in the STM, for example, it is when a person is remembering a person 's number to call it is important for that time being, but not important enough for LTM (long term memory). Basically STM is determining is the sensory message is important enough, then working memory is for you memory to focus on it, but not fully remember just for a few seconds or minutes. Long term memory on the other hand, it is much different from STM and working memory, LTM 's capacity to remember something is unlimited depending on how important it is to the person. Using my example from working memory, remembering numbers if it is rehearsed enough, it will be put in long term like you cell phone number that a person has taught themselves to remember. Then LTM is simplified into Nondeclarative or declarative, LTM "include general facts and knowledge, personal facts, and even skills that can be performed"(pearson 230) Nondeclarative are memories how people learned to do something like riding a bike or something a person will use in everyday life. Declarative is a memory where a person learned how to do something else but declarative memories are more facts then are learning to do something. Then for declarative memories are

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