How Does Power Affect The Development Of My Personal Development?

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The processes associated with power, and privilege have shaped my relationship and greatly impacted the development of my personal identity; these influences have shaped me to be strong, independent, resilient woman I am today playing a huge role in my personal development. Power is defined as the ability to control. Privilege, is invisible in the sense by looking at someone one can’t tell if they are privileged or not, you as the individuals are privileged, based on the advantage that you have. Personally, since I was twenty-one years old I realized how power plays a vital role in society. I can remember going out with my friends (myself included seven females and two male’s races of Hispanic and African American). As a group, we left the bar and going to get something to eat. A fight broke out in turn resulting in having to defend myself. Today, I have no idea how the fight started or who was involved. However, when the police came (white men) myself and my group were tear gassed, tasered, handcuffed and hit by the police. The other group involved were white individuals, and did not receive nearly of treatment/experiences of myself and my group. A few individuals in the other group we’re resisting arrest; one individual hit an officer, and some fled the scene. The following morning everyone was bailed out of jail, charged with a list of charges, and long days in the courtroom repeating the story repeatedly. Nevertheless, our charges were all dismissed. However, we never
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