How Does Soda Affect Diet Soda

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People nowadays believe that in order for them to live longer is to have a healthy lifestyle, which is a fact. However, a lot of people seem to be doing it the wrong way. If you go to a local supermarket, you will see products that says either ‘low-fat’ or ‘diet’, this is actually an advertising strategy for companies so that people would want that particular product more and they wouldn’t feel guilty consuming it. What people don’t know is that these products can actually have more bad effects than the regular ones. Especially when it comes to carbonated drinks. DIET SODA’S EFFECTS ON THE BRAIN The fact that diet sodas could actually affect the brain is no surprise, sugary drinks itself does have certain effects already. There is a study that was included in the medical journal called Stroke that showed a relation between how consuming diet soda could affect having a stroke or having dementia. It turns out that people who consumes one diet soda a day have more chances of suffering from stroke or develop dementia than …show more content…

It would then lead to migraine, anxiety, insomnia, preventing the brain from being able to focus. If a person decides to ditch diet sodas, then he or she will immediately notice the difference. • More Sensitive Taste Buds Artificial sweeteners in diet soda actually overwhelms the taste buds making it hard for the person to taste other drink or food. So if you choose to ditch diet sodas, you would appreciate other food choices. “We often see patients change snack choices when they give up diet soda,” Dr. Heather Bainbridge from Columbia University Medical Center said. • Stronger Bones According to a 2014 study, diet sodas could actually increase the chance of people having risk fractures by 14%, especially to women. This is because diet soda could lower bone mineral density in the

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