The Effects of Soda Pop on the Body

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The Effects of Soda Pop on the Body Angela Fugate Fortis College English 101 August 27, 2013 “I’ll take a large Coke please.” Words I find myself saying way too habitually and way too often. Opening the refrigerator and grabbing a soda pop is easy to do in our fast paced society of today. It takes too long to get a cup out of the cabinet, grab the milk or juice out of the refrigerator, and pour. At least this is my way of thinking. I want something that is quick and easy. Americans, like myself, must think along these lines as well. Gary J. Kaplowitz states “Soda pop has become a firmly entrenched staple of the American diet and as American as apple pie.” (para. 9) This does seem to be the case. It is hard to go…show more content…
( Bray M.D. 2013) These all have a negative impact on the heart, mainly by being known for causing heart attacks, strokes, and death. The carbonation in soda can impact the digestive system as well. Carbonation can cause a buildup of gas in the abdominal area. This leads to discomfort, cramps, and bloating. (Ni 2009) Carbonation isn’t alone in causing problems in the digestive system. Caffeine also plays a role by increasing stomach acid production, which can lead to indigestion and heart burn symptoms. Symptoms of diarrhea has also been linked to caffeine consumption, especially in people with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Other researchers have linked constipation to consuming drinks with caffeine. (Maxwell 2013) Caffeine also impacts the skeletal system. “Caffeine is known to interfere with calcium absorption”, states Maxwell. People are not leaving enough room in their diets to drink other healthier drinks, such as milk and juice. This reason alone is causing people to have a lower bone density and calcium levels in their bodies. (Maxwell 2013 para. 12) Another culprit of the impact of the bones is the phosphoric acid in cola. When a person takes in too much phosphorus compared to the amount of calcium they are taking in, it can lead to bone loss. (Maxwell 2013 para. 13) Osteoporosis is the major disease this can lead to. All these effects on the body from drinking a soda? It’s a crazy
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