How Economic Globalization Has Fostered Globalization of Critics and Criticism?

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The concept of globalization is one of the most talked about terms over the past decades. In fact, it is a highly popular buzzword that admittedly lacks a standard or commonly agreed upon definition. (Trebilcock, 2000). The concept of economic globalization stemmed from the root concept of “globalization” and by definition, pertains to that specific attribute of globalization that refers to the process of integration between the economic front and the ‘developed’, ‘under-developed’ and ‘developing’ economies (Naik, 2011). Economic globalization essentially comes together through international trade, FDIs (foreign direct investments) and the like (Naik, 2011).
As stated by Naik (2011), economic globalization is a process
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This is precisely the reason why the critics could not help but compare the unequal effects of economic globalization among the developing and developed countries.
In this research paper, we will explore the process as to how the so-called “economic globalization” phenomenon has fostered a globalization of critics and criticism. In this research paper, we will tackle the definition of economic globalization and its implications and how it has allegedly brought about and triggered the rise of a number of critics. This research paper will also identify the specific criticisms that critics have previously cited and identified with regard to the economic globalization phenomenon. The main objective of this research paper is to provide evidence as to how the emergence of globalization of critics and criticism was a direct by-product of economic globalization. Hence, in line with this main objective, this research paper will directly answer the research question: “How did economic globalization foster globalization of critics and criticism?”
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A. Economic Globalization Defined.
Economic globalization, by strict definition, refers to the phenomenon characterized with an increased interdependence of the different national economies in
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