How Education Has Changed The Reputation Of Character Education

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Over the years character education has become a practice of the past. It has been regarded as useless, offensive, and ineffective. Ms. Laurie Hoag has found a way to change the reputation of character education. She is an amazing teacher who through She took a social-emotional approach to the course. It seemed as though she wanted to help me develop my self awareness. She emphasized the importance of me learning to make better social decisions. She would run drills- as she called them- first presenting a peer-pressure-like scenario then educating me about the different ways I can say no to negative situations. She enstilled in me a desire to prevent these situations as a whole. One of the most surprising teaching tactics she used was emotional learning. She was the head of a small committee that volunteered at food shelters, she would take us along, and explain how important volunteerism is to society and self. I was so much more than bvious that the school I attended was not considered a safe environment. Violence was like a [STRONG] stand of a virus spreading through the halls. One could say that our school 's dangerous status was nothing more than a product of the environment that was boiling and erupting just outside our tiny institution. One of the most important subjects Ms. Hoag took it upon her self to teach us about violence education. She made it clear that our surroundings didn 't need to dictate our outcomes. She went further than just explaining it she
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