How Electricity And Telephone Changed The Way Of Communication

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In this essay Marvin, discusses how electricity and telephone changed the way of communication in America. The author begins by criticizing the electrical officials stating “ with the more general application of electricity throughout the society, electricians believed the world could change only to their advantage.” (Marvin, 1988, p.63) Both of these creation impacted the economy dramatically as well as the culture as a whole. Marvin, elaborates furthermore on the electrical officials behavior by stating “When speaking of electricity in official capacities and delivering opinions in public forms, electricians were loyal soldiers, laudatory, progressive, and faithful to the cause.” (Marvin, 1988, p. 65) The author has lots of …show more content…

There was an huge increase in information technology sectors in the 1990 's. In general, there is going to be many positive and negative impacts on people 's lives as a result of these wonderful inventions. The advantageous of having a computer you can learn so much, watch videos, movies, and store pictures on files. The internet we can use to stay in touch with other people, video chat, email, and use social media. Another good point in the essay is, “In the face of technological complexity, did the old proprieties apply, or did circumstances call for new ones to keep the social order intact?” (Marvin, 1988, p.87) What the author implies here is that we as a society are so structured around having new inventions to improve our lives. The author seem to indicate that society always has to have a new technological product to keep with the society. We do not ever question the intention of the corporations, entrepreneurs, and developers. Is is a need or a necessity? Marvin, also expresses her concern on how people communicated over the phone the profanities they used while speaking on the phone. This is what we experience today with cyberbullying on the computer today. By using the computer and the internet there has been an increase in cyberbullying among teens, and adults alike. Many people have the tendency of taking a wonderful invention and misusing it for the wrong purpose. Cyberbullying, is a huge problem today not just with children, and

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