How Fight The War On Poverty And Turn These Unwanted Pregnancy Into A Financial Blessing

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With the population on the rise and the economy struggling to survive, we need to start looking for alternatives for population control that will not only save money, but with time show to be profitable. According to the National Institute on Aging, thanks to advances in medicine, the life expectancy of Americans 65 and older has nearly doubled during the 20th century and is expected to double again within the next 25 years. Unplanned pregnancies are also another issue affecting our population that is causing burdens on the healthcare system. Unplanned pregnancies not only a burden the healthcare system, but also on the parents of the unborn. In many instances the expecting parents are mere children themselves and in other situations they are living in the poverty level and cannot afford to support the child. In those instances the government has to take on the burden of bringing up the children. We will discuss a plan on how fight the war on poverty and turn these unwanted pregnancy into a financial blessing. Along with a better ways to handle the costs of taking care of the elderly.
First we need to address what is deemed an unwanted pregnancy and when is it necessary to do so. In some instances, some will find that they do not want their pregnancy as soon as a positive test result comes back. In other cases, it may not occur till later in the pregnancy. Perhaps a spouse decides to leave or dies. Maybe the women learns that the unborn child will have some type of

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