How Golf Is A Sport

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Kendall Blaich
Miss Royse
English 4
8 April 2015
Golf is a Sport For the first time since 1904, golf will be returning to the 2016 Olympics in Rio (Shipnuck). Golf is a very complicated sport. It is a mental game along with a physical one. The many aspects of golf are very similar to other sports. Golf is a sport because it has similar components to other sports such as strategizing how you play, the equipment used, and the physical strength and endurance required. The first component is strategizing how you play. Knowing the correct club to use in each situation on the golf course is a big factor of strategizing. Before you pick your club you must visualize the ball and see it in its flight path, know the winds speed and direction, the relation of the ball to the target, and lastly if your lie is good or bad (Herrfeldt). The second factor of strategizing is being completely aware of your surroundings. The yardages for each hole are marked on the scorecard or various object throughout the hole (Kelley). Knowing the distance to the hole will allow you to pick the right club to hit the perfect shot. Some factors to consider are wind and your lie. If you are hitting into a strong wind you will need to take a longer distance club, but if you are hitting in the same direction as the wind a shorter club is ideal (Herrfeldt). Another factor in strategizing how you play is to know which swing to take. Short, or softer, swings will not allow the ball to travel as far as hard,

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