How Has The Government Changed Over The Years

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As the future progressed, government, church and family progressed along with the changing society. The government had seemingly removed God from many things and replaced him with science and modern beliefs. The Government has changed a lot in the past years. It has taken the roles of the church and of family’s and has taken them into their own hands. Specifically the Government has changed how the church runs. For example people nowadays people trust more in the government than in the church because we now have welfare when people are out of jobs and we have food stamps when we need food. Whereas back in the day, we went to the church when we needed food and jobs, now we go to the government. Also, the government has replaced religion in schools. We now don’t have the freedom to say what we believe in, and now it’s “science is the end-all.” The government has taken the church’s roles into their own hands by switching things so that it will benefit them.…show more content…
They have done so by providing the necessities that families would typically provide for themselves such as food, shelter, clothing etc. Also, the government now prepares kids for the future by teaching them what they want you to know, and they decide your success through the method of testing. The government also now has control, via court orders, on where you live after situations like divorce. Lastly the government has taken over family roles by taking children away from their families and giving them up for foster care, whereas before they would go to family members who could care for them. The government has changed family roles by yet again taking matters into their own hands just so that they can have total control over
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