How Henrietta 's Cells Were Recovered, And Stored

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I begin writing this essay about Henrietta Lacks by discussing option number three outlined in this project. Before this class had begun, I could not tell you how or why such vaccines came to be. I can almost relate to the author in the beginning of the book when she is in her college biology course and has no idea who Henrietta Lacks is. This book outlines so many big topic issues, and I feel they all play a role in how Henrietta 's cells were recovered, and stored. From my own personal viewpoint, I feel one of the biggest issues for myself personally, is the bioethics of it all. Working in healthcare and living in this generation, money, is a monumental factor that defines just about everything. “Money, defines how we test drugs, why …show more content…

Would she have still if it would not profit her, or her family, but so many others around the world who are sick? Another factor that played a significant role in Henrietta 's life was a combination of not only poverty, but racism too. The book calls into question the name Henrietta Lacks. “We are officially introduced to Henrietta as Loretta Pleasant. Henrietta, or also known as Loretta, grew up with eight other siblings, and an abusive father.” ( Henrietta spent most of her youth living with her grandfather and future husband. During this time in history, Henrietta along with other African Americans, were subjected to segregation. Her life was far from easy, she grew up as many African American children did during those times, working in the tobacco fields. It seems to me that this woman had a tremendously hard life. She endured: her mother 's death, being divided from her family, segregation, child labor working in the tobacco fields, a philandering husband, and cancer to name just a few things. I honestly cannot begin to imagine this lifestyle much less cancer. What stands out to me about her is that I portray her to be this strong, resilient woman. I say this because she refuses treatment for her STDs, goes on sleeping with her husband bearing him children , and most of all, she was a God fearing woman. I can only begin to imagine during this time in history being a woman, much less an African American woman, had its struggles and

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