Essay about How I Became Unbias of Different Cultures

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A diversified environment allows one to gain a broader perspective on culture and knowledge, and the interactions that take place within them cultivate educational endeavor. My fascination for such environments throughout my life has motivated me to interact with a wide spectrum of people of varying cultures, and in turn those experiences have morphed me free of cultural bias. The numerous experiences I have encountered during my life, short yet insightful, have allowed me to grasp a variety of values and refined reasoning. The account of my participation in my Muslim Youth Group allowed me to fully embrace diversity and its aspects. Beyond the religious aspect, my local Muslim youth group was a congregation that fostered the expression …show more content…

My confrontation with a spectrum racial and multicultural difference contributed to my engagement in active participation and learning. The meaningful interactions that took place among the diverse subcultures of the interfaith programs have shed light on the fact that diversity leads to more engagement and greater benefits in any environment. As far as contributions, I strive to benefit the Rutgers learning environment, putting to use my previous experiences in future interactions. Intellectual blossom will be a byproduct of these interactions, since the synthesis of different ideas and thoughts creates a dynamic community in which innovation and creativity is progressed. To do so, I hope to take join Rutgers MSA and take part in their various activities and events such as interfaith programs and community service projects. This in turn will give me the opportunity build stronger relations with the local community and the larger Rutgers University. Rutgers to me is a place more than a university or an opportunity to further my educational capacity. It is also an opportunity for me to take part in a diversified learning environment, and gain a larger perspective on a variety of cultures. Rutgers is a potluck; each student comes in with a unique culture giving sustenance to each other¿s culture, and in turn everyone gets out more than he or she initially came in with. This abundance of diversity is impossible for a single individual to create alone, but it can only be

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