How I Changed My Life

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When spring slowly transitions into summer, I can’t help but reminisce back to my childhood, when I would spend my summer vacation with my grandparents in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was a given that I loved them, but it was their stories of endurance and steadfastness, during the Jim Crow era, that garnered my admiration towards them. The sharing of these life lessons became influential in the shaping of my purpose in my life. It is evident in my deep sense of appreciation for education, and humanitarian service.
My grandmother was a tenured professor in the School of Business at North Carolina A&T State University. On those days when she wasn’t teaching business management, she was counseling abused women at a local domestic …show more content…

I see you being a social worker…" I remembered looking at her and then I began to think about my grandmother and all the awesome work she did while I was growing up. While listening to her talk about her social work experience and the career field I was in awe.
I believe that the social work profession is not an easy profession and can be very challenging, but also rewarding at the same time. Social work is a profession that is to be dedicated to enhancing human capacity to solve social problems in order to create a more humane society. The NASW code identifies the core values of the social work profession of which the mission is based on. These core values are very important in the social work profession because it is the foundation of a social worker. A social worker must believe and use these core values in their profession to their clients and society.
My mantra is my daily reminder that I am responsible for all of my actions, and that I must remain professional at all times. As I engage with a client, I strive to become their trusted advisor. The personal qualities that would equip me for the social work profession is to be trustworthy, empathetic, competence, and responsibility. I chose these four qualities because I believe that they are the foundation to a great relationship with your client. With trustworthiness first, I believe that this is a very important quality. If you don’t have trust, you won’t have a great

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