How I Changed My Life

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Sociology wasn’t something that I was familiar with throughout my life. However, now that I know the basics of sociology, I can identify the various ways to study behaviors. These forces have molded who I have become as a person and how I interact with society. Understanding how I have been affected by my immediate surroundings is a significant part of a better understanding how I have been changed by the greater society. All through this semester, I have begun to reminisce back on my life and pull apart the different ways that I have been affected and how they can be looked at sociologically.
The first thing that I genuinely began to break down was the way I distinguish myself. My self-identity is something that I have struggled with my entire life. It is something which until I came to college was confusing for me. My character was something that would change every year based on the different events happening in my life. Glancing back into my high school years, I explored with all the different clichés within my school. Looking from a sociological perspective, I can detect that several different events that happened in my life are what caused the drastic shifts in my self-identity. The changes in my self-identity can be related to the theory of the looking-glass self. According to Charles Cooley, the looking glass self is a concept based around how “we imagine how others see us.”
Many of the individuals I went to highschool with believed that I came from a

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