How I Had Changed My Life

Satisfactory Essays

Throughout elementary, middle, and high school I have never improved and gained as much knowledge about essay writing than I have in one semester of college english. Language arts, being one of my weaker subjects, made this course quite difficult for me. I have learned about different types of essays that I had never heard of before enrolling in this course, such as the interview essay. At the beginning of this course I would have guessed that I were going to fail because of the little knowledge I had. I never imagined I would have learned as much as I have, and improved my work and processes to the extent that I have.

Over the course of college English 101, my work has drastically improved. Starting out at the beginning of the semester I had no idea how to correctly set up an essay. My very first pre-writing assignment had very little structure, and my conclusion paragraph had a total of three sentences. Over the semester I have learned how to correctly structure my college essays, and have learned my strengths and weaknesses in the process. Some of the better qualities within my writing are my attention-getters. I always made sure the first sentence in my essay was exciting, or made my reader think. For example, my attention-getter in my interview essay was, “Police officers have a huge impact on others, but no one takes the time to realize the impact of having that career has on an individual”. This makes the reader stop and take a look in the point of view I am trying

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