Essay About My English Class

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I can remember seeing that I had to take an English class my first semester of college. I was already overwhelmed with starting college, and having to write college essays made me get even more nervous. I sat down with my mom and decided to look at the English classes available, and I finally decided that I had to take an evening class to make it work in my schedule. The first day of English came and now looking back it was not as bad as I thought. It made me a better writer and be where I am today. It may have taken me some time to get where I am today, but at least I am on the right track. English Composition helped me realize that I am my own author and have strengths that I did not realize I had. When I first started college I did not know what to expect with an English class. I liked writing about topics that interested me, but high school did not allow me to do that. I took American History and we would have to write…show more content…
I learned many techniques from my professor. He helped me realize that it is okay to have your own opinion as long as you back it up. He showed me that I am an author when I did not think I was. He also told us to read our essays out loud when we proofread, and I always did this technique before submitting all my essays. I can remember having to write my first essay and I was scared, because I felt like I had to get a good grade. I started thinking about what tools I could use to help me, and I decided to go to The Learning Center to help with my essay. When I went there they would make edits to my essay and then explain what I should change. The tutor noticed I used multiple choppy sentences and commas in spots there should not be. Sometimes I would even go twice to make sure I did not miss any minor mistakes. Going there helped me feel more confident as a writer and I learned from my mistakes. I had many helpful techniques from multiple people that shaped me into the writer I am
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