How Immigration Helps United States

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I’m an immigrant, I moved to this country three years ago, as many legal and illegal immigrants I believe that we help the economy of this country. There are many immigrants in America and they come from all over the world. By no means I want to assume that they have all had my experiences. In my case I’m here on the pursuit of new opportunities, in my mind, or in the way I was raised by my parents, and how am I supposed to achieve my goals is exactly the way they work every day to support our household, is a discontented mind, it is a hard working mind, a mind that always thinks it has to work harder, acquire more knowledge. This is a generalization; they are plenty of exemptions after all it is good to be hard working, it is good to want a better education for your children and to want a better way of living, everyone has the right to pursuit their dreams. I will focus on how immigration helps United States as compared to the mostly held view that it hurts America.
The United States has long served as a refuge for people running from politics, economy, natural disasters, who seek to escape hunger, poverty, torture, and the oppression of their human rights in their own countries. In my case my family and I moved here in search for better opportunities. Our country, as a prosperous nation will be always attracting immigrants that are in search for a better life, such as other developed countries like Canada and the United Kingdom. It is often said that our country is a
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