How Interest Groups Have On Preserving The Environment

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As previously discussed in the lectures and readings, there are many types of interest groups. For example, chapter three describes the four types of interest groups which are associational, institutional, non-associational, and anomic (Danziger, 72).While identifying various types of interest groups, including their functions and constraints, this analysis will discuss the impact that interest groups have on preserving the environment in Florida. A concluding discussion of the global commons, which refers to the sharing of the earth’s resources (McCoy, Problematique Lecture), will be used to argue in defense that even though in times of crisis, humanitarian rights must always take precedence over that of state sovereignty, which refers to the idea that each state has complete authority and is the ultimate source if law within its own boundaries (Danziger,114). Interests groups can be many things, such as a group of individuals who focus on preserving the culture of something or the wellbeing of something. But when talking about that of Political Interest groups, its definition is then changed into a group of people that share the common objective of attempting to influence the allocation of public values. But such groups can use a variety of strategies to achieve this purpose (Danzinger, 69). The difference between
Interest groups and political parties is that a political party, even though still an organization of people which seeks to achieve goals common

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