How Internet Is Creating A Global Mass Culture

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When it comes to globalisation, the developments in information and communication technology is undoubtedly the most important contribution that creates many changes in society, it can be regarded as a fundamental reason which accelerates the growth of globalisation. In other words, the world is certainly much more interlinked than ever. Particularly, the great advancement of the Internet, which plays a pivotal role in connecting and empowering people to access information on a wide range of topics without being limited by geography. Some people acknowledge that Internet is the main force behind a huge cultural diversity, however, I believe it to be a mirage, similar to the effects of crowd behaviour (individuals in a group act similarly, by influencing each other), the majority of the people could end up visiting the same websites, reading the same news, listening to the same music, and so on. It can be argued that everyone maintaining the same behavior patterns might only lead to homogenization. In this paper, the essay will explore how Internet is homogenizing the culture, creating a global mass culture. Also, this essay will reveal examples in the usage of the internet and demonstrate how community manages to absorb multicultures unconsciously through different methods.
There is a massive amount of data that the Internet provides, and that could be a problem itself, searching for useful information becomes extremely difficult without relying on other users’ reviews or

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