How Is Abul Khaizuran A Good Character

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What makes a character ‘bad’ and criminal? A criminal is a person who is a wrongdoer; a person who commits actions in which the outcomes is beneficent solely to himself. A ‘bad’ person is someone who is unwelcoming and unpleasant. Knowing this, Abul Khaizuran from ‘Men in the Sun’ by Ghassan Kanafani, does not identify with such characteristics. Keeping in mind that the novella’s setting is taken place a few years after the all-out attack on Palestine and they are going from Basra to Kuwait and during the corrupted society of Palestinians, Abul Khaizuran puts his life on the line to help Abu Qais, Assad and Marwan by smuggling them into Kuwait. Instead of focusing and worrying about himself, he selflessly decided to help them. Throughout the …show more content…

He had gone out of his way to help Marwan, welcomed Abu Qais to sleep in his valued lorry and tore down Assad’s cautious and uptight demeanor in just a short period of time by simply being himself. In the final analysis with all possible perspectives considered such as the incidents that portray Abul Khaizuran in both a positive and negative light, Abul Khaizuran is generally a good character. Even though Abul Khaizuran did indeed want more money, he was thoughtful and understanding with Abu Qais, Assad and Marwan. He did not ask for more money when he could have since he was their only option to getting into Kuwait, but he didn’t. He could have cheated and left them in the desert out to die, but he didn’t. He could have made their journey more unpleasant, but instead, he would try to liven up the mood with his laughter and his usually cheerful attitude. Also, a point that is often overlooked is the corrupted society in the novella. They were in a time where the society of Palestinians where marauding each other rather than being unified as they should have been. Taking everything into account, Abul Khaizuran is portrayed as a good character and not a criminal or ‘bad’ character in ‘Men in the Sun’ by Ghassan

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