How Is Color Guard An Art

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Jessica Sipkema
Mrs. Kwiatkowski
English 12
October 5, 2017
Color Guard is a Sport and an Art
Smack! A solid quad. Many people believe that Color Guard is only an art, and some believe that it is actually a sport. So? Is Color Guard a Sport or an Art? Color Guard is actually a Sport AND an Art. It is in fact the sport of the arts. It is called the Sport of the Arts because music is brought to life through performance and competition. Color guard is a sport, because of its competitive and physical aspects. Color guard is an art, because of the emotions and creative dance techniques that go into telling the story. In Color Guard you do a lot of dancing and running, which covers most of the physical aspects. Crying, smiling, and determination cover the emotions. You can never forget to show emotions while telling the story. Without the emotion, the story would be lost.
A sport is an activity that includes competitive physical activity. Color Guard is a high-energy and enjoyable sport. Many people say color guard is “easy”, I mean, all you are doing is spinning a flag, right? Wrong! It’s more than just “spinning”. In Color guard, we spin, toss, dance, count, and smile all at the same time. Color Guard is actually very difficult. It’s not necessarily the hardest sport created, but it is definitely difficult. Color guard requires having …show more content…

Color Guard was created to inspire the participants to be creative. The program started with style and creativity. Every Guard starts out with an equal opportunity for success. Color Guard exist for and because of the members, staff, and fans. Guard performances inspire the members to achieve higher creativity and artistic standards. Participants treat everyone fairly, no matter their race, sexuallity, gender, or background. Members believe that the activity is for everyone, no matter who you are. Color Guard provides a chance to succeed and be

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