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Tito Agbesanwa English 1302 Allie Faden 21 June 2017 Hawkeye the Romantic Hero The French and Indian war also known as the Seven Years War, started in 1764 and ended in 1764. I it was about Great Britain and France had conflict with the North American colonies which led to a war. In the Last of the Mohicans romance and war play a major throughout all the characters while the French and Indian war is going on. Hawkeye is considered the hero because he showed so much courage to save his people although he wasn’t originally raised in the Mohican tribe. The scout expresses his feelings about the Huron’s to Heyward, but he doesn’t seem interested, “A Huron! They are a thievish race, nor do I care by whom they are adopted; you can never make …show more content…

He had a love for nature, which meant that he would do anything to save his people who were the Mohicans. The British and Native Americans were taught to value of the love of nature. Hawkeye was a white man who lived with Uncas and Chingachgook. Hawkeye learned a lot of things about the tribe through Chingachgook. The Native Americans, French, and French tribes had to follow the laws of the five nations. Hawkeye shows heroic bravery when he wore a disguise and sneaked into the Huron’s side of the camp. The Mohicans didn’t like the Hurons, which was the tribe that Magua went to when they realized that he betrayed them. Unfortunately. Magua was looking for Hawkeye because he wanted to kill him, but Unca didn’t want to tell him where he was which made Magua angry. “Several of the [Huron] chiefs had proposed deep and treacherous schemes to surprise the Delaware’s, and, by gaining possession of their camp, to recover their prisoners by the same blow; for all agreed that their honor, their interests, and the peace and happiness of their dead countrymen, imperiously required them speedily to immolate some victims to their revenge” (Cooper 324). The Huron tribes held people as prisoners because they were sad when their people died from the war, which was the French and Indian War. Hawkeye was very brave and kind to the Mohicans Chingachgook was the one that taught him all the principles of the five nations. The love that he had for nature and the natural world showed a lot

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