How Is Standardized Testing Affecting College-Bound Students?

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I would like to take the time to discuss the issues that standardized testing is causing college bound students. Standardized testing is an evaluation of a student's performance on one particular day and does not take into account factors that could affect the test such as, the students rest, nutrition, the testing environment, and emotions of the student.. Standardized testing has caused teachers to move to a way of teaching called “teach to the test”, which can overall hinder a student's learning potential, because they are simply learning the information for the test and will quickly forget what they learned. Along with other reasons, the “teach to the test” method has damaged students creativity and creates a boring learning environment.…show more content…
Teachers are expected to teach the students, so the test scores increase each time the test is taken. However, not every student is a great test taker, which then causes a negative reflection upon the teacher in charge of preparing the student. These results also impact the school, as they do not get funding if their students perform poorly on certain standardized tests. In school, students are taught from a young age that school should be enjoyable, they should be creative, innovative, and find a love for learning. Unfortunately, standardized tests, are not equipped to measure the above mentioned ways of learning..

Despite what standardized tests are not capable of measuring, there are some benefits in their use. Standardized test hold teachers and students responsible for learning certain curriculum in a certain amount of time, which then teaches the students time management. Parents and school administrators can use the results of standardized test to compare student to others around the country and state, so they can work on their strengths and weaknesses. Standardized tests also give schools information to divide students into subgroups based on their learning
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