How Is Your College Life?

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How is your college life? Are you succeeding? I hope that you are doing just fine. I know you might feel stressed out right now, but you already had a math teacher like Joseph Stalin. I’m confident you will overcome the stress, and I know I will be proud of you. Just like in school, take the lessons and apply them to whatever comes next. There is always a reason to look back in the past and laugh at all the silly things you’ve done, which may not have mattered so much back then, but now they might be some of the best memories that you have. No matter what happens, always stay happy. College days are some of the best years you will ever have, and you will miss all the fun things you’ve done with your friends once you graduate. Remember that …show more content…

This is something you should worry about because your behaviors might affect you in the future. You may not care about what I am saying now, but lung cancer also occurs in people who never smoked too (Mayo clinic staff, 2015). Some people who have a family history of lung cancer or are exposed to radon gas are more likely to get cancer.. I hate to say this, but if you have any friends who smoke, please try to keep some distance. Not only can smoking cigarettes cause cancer, but inhaling cigarette smoke (or second hand smoke), which is full of cancer causing chemicals, can also cause substantial changes in the lung tissue (Mayo clinic staff, 2015). In order to diagnose a lung cancer, doctors recommend some tests, and I will tell you three tests. Imaging tests is where an x-ray image of your lungs may show an abnormal mass on nodule (Mayo clinic staff, 2015). Sputum Cytology a mixture of mucus and saliva coughed up, if you have a cough and are producing sputum, looking it under the microscope can sometimes show the presence of lung cancer cells (Mayo clinic staff, 2015). And the last test I will be telling you about is the Tissue Sample biopsy. A small sample of abnormal cells may be removed in a biopsy, which doctors can perform in a number of ways (Mayo clinic staff, 2015).

A cancerous tumor begins with an error, or mutation, in a cell’s DNA. All cells in the body contain the genetic material called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

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