How Japan Became a Successful Empire Essay

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By 1905 Japan had become a military power capable of carving out an empire for itself. Japan did this by the Meiji Restoration, the Sino- Japanese War and the Anglo-Japanese alliance + Russo- Japanese War.

Firstly, Japan was dramatically changed after the Meiji Restoration in 1868. The Meiji Restoration was a political uprising which ended the era of ruling of the Tokugawa shogun and gave back power to the emperor Meiji. When the emperor returned to his position as ruler, Japan was the complete opposite of a military power, it relied on its farm land and had made very few technological advances. The Japanese people wanted to become a nation able to stand amongst Europe and United States (the Western Powers) especially after these western …show more content…

This small act nearly broke into a full blown war between china and japan but was resolved by signing a treaty that stated that both japan and china had to withdraw their military from Korea and notify Korea if they were any military movements. Yet in 1894 Korea had an uprising and both china and japan sent in their military and when the incident was resolved japan would not withdraw their military. This cause china to fight back but ended with an easy victory for japan because of its more modernized military. By winning this war Japan was able to increase their military power and start becoming a powerful empire.

Also, Japan was able to expand their military power and become a powerful empire through the Anglo-Japanese Alliance which led to the Russo-Japanese war. The Anglo-Japanese Alliance which happened between the years of 1902 to 1923 was a set of three treaties. These treaties were signed just before World War one and stated that Great Britain and Japan would have to help each other in protecting their various interests in Korea and china against Russia. It also stated that if the other country needed military assistance the other country would provide them with their military and if the various interests from Korea and/or china were in any way threatened by foreign powers Great Britain or Japan could come and interfere. With this treaty in place Japan decided to

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