How Language Demonstrates Diversity Within The United States

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Question 3 The United States varies in diversity, whether it is by race, ethnicity, religion, or culture. In addition, language is another aspect that is considered diverse in the country. There are different dialects that people speak English in throughout the United States. Furthermore, there are numerous factors that influence how one speaks the language. The three factors that will be discussed in this paper are ethnicity, region, and social class. Also, how language demonstrates diversity within the United States, as well as how language is a marker of identity will be entailed. Ethnicity is one factor that influences how one speaks a certain language. People may perceive the language of Caucasians, African Americans, Asians, Native Americans, or people of Latin or Hispanic descent to be different in various ways. Different ethnic groups may have a form of communication that only members of that ethnic group may comprehend. For instance, African American Vernacular English (AAVE), also known as Black English or Ebonics, is different from Standard English. In class, a group discussed how AAVE is criticized for being a hindrance in comparison to “normal English.” AAVE differentiates from Standard English through vocabulary, grammar, and sounds. For example, the word “be” is often used in Standard English, but can be used differently in AAVE (Sidnell, n.d.). Thus, a person that speaks Standard English could say “I told him to be quiet because he doesn’t know what he’s…
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