How Legislation Affect The Australian Aboriginal Rights Essay

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Legislation, or laws, will affect all citizens in some shape or form. Typically, those laws will try to benefit most of the citizens that its governing. However, some governments tend to neglect certain types of people, whether it is intentional or not is situational. Historically governments, national or state, hinder people through legislation. The most prominent example of this is how in the United States state and local laws would prohibit African Americans basic rights and kept them segregated, known as the Jim Crow Laws, up until 1965. A handful of essays that we have read throughout this class show that legislation highly influences the citizens of said government. In Chapter 2 we find the legislation undermines the Australian Aboriginal rights, how mining companies encroach upon their lands and legislation justifies this, as well as the other ways legislation was used against the native peoples of Australia. In Chapter 3, we learn that the lack of proper legislation and political instability of Nepal led citizens to use heavy metal as an outlet to cope and fight against the Nepal’s unstable political situation. Nepalis also saw heavy metal as a way to rebel against the constraints and limitations set upon them by society. Lastly in Chapter 9 we read about how historically Irish policy never understood the female body and the failure to understand the female ideal led to the eventual death of Ann Lovett, a 15 year old girl who felt isolated and didn’t even reach out

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