How Luxury Fashion Brands Centralize Public Relations Across Multiple Consumer Touch Points

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1.0 – Introduction and Research Background

1.1 – Introduction
The primary purpose of this research proposal is to introduce the research topic: how can luxury fashion brands optimise public relations across multiple consumer touch points in order to motivate purchase decisions without losing their positioning status?

This proposal shall demonstrate previous research of the chosen topic by means of a qualitative literature review, which will identify the key theories and authors surrounding the subjects of public relations and luxury fashion brands. This review is conducted in order to justify the selected subject and research question whilst also aiding in the establishment of a methodology for the research.

The methodological framework section will identify the most suitable research methods to be used in this research project, providing theoretical justification for the methods chosen.

Finally, the planning and critical analysis section considers the proposal from a project management perspective, providing the scheduling for the research, illustrated by a Gantt chart. The ethical considerations of the project are also taken into account in this section.

1.2 – Research Background
When looking at the fashion industry, the luxury sector is very important in terms of its monetary sales volume, valued at approximately $252bn (€185bn) in 2011 (The Economist, 2011) and predicted to continue growing, albeit at a slower rate than it has been up until now (Jackson, 2015).

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