Methodology Involves Qualitative Research

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4.2 Choose an appropriate methodology in terms of the research question

Research methodology generally involves qualitative research or quantitative research, or a mixture of both. A quantitative research methodology involves the analysis of data collected from a large number of surveys or interviews. On the other hand, methodologies for qualitative research often involve using surveys or interviews to collect information about people — their attitudes, experiences and behaviors.

The Methodology that will be used in terms of the research question will be the qualitative research which involves a phenomenological perspective. The researcher aims to evaluate the meaning of events for people in particular situations, the characteristic of qualitative research are as follows.

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Methodology and methods- This section includes a clear justification for the chosen methodology and research method. The length and depth of the research depends on the objective of the researcher and the information he or she is trying to convey to the readers.

Recording findings- This section depend solely on the methodology used by the researcher, if the researcher use a quantitative method survey, then the researcher will record the finding using table, graphs, pie charts and associated statistics. If the researcher conducts a qualitative research then this section will consist of descriptive prose containing lengthy questionnaires etc.

Format- Before the researcher start the research the researcher have to find out whether or not the research will be restricted by a particular structure, style and content of the final work. The researcher has to take into consideration the targeted audience, listed below is a traditional format for a research.

Title Page

Content Page

List of illustrations Acknowledgements Abstract/Summary Introduction


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