How Management And Leadership Changed

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Introduction This report is going to be about how management and leadership was implemented in our group and how we developed as a team also the motivation behind us working together, the individual differences, perception and learning while we work on this assignment. On the first week of the module the teacher told the class that we had to a presentation on 4 different topics and how they would relate to professional practice and organisational behavior.

The teacher first asked if anyone had any preferences to choose the groups on one answered so he that put us all in groups. Most groups had 4 or more while it was in a group of 2 with Ahmed and myself, we were group of 2 as the other members of our groups never attended class nor did …show more content…

Management and leadership are about how leaders manage and leadership skills are and what is needed to lead an organization. When I did the research on management I found out that that Henri Fayol came up with what he believed to be styles of management and what is needed in a manager like the six grouped and the 5 element of management.

Our first meeting as a group was on feb5 2015 we came gave each other tasks on what companies we should research and compare with each other. We came up with department stores and how they are different from each other in there management and leadership.

Feb 12 2015 we met up around 12 in the London resource center I arrived late by 30 min which didn’t impress Ahmed, but we got on the work where I found a department store john Lewis we could compare to another department store which was Selfridges. In the second meeting as we only came to know which companies we will talk about. On this meeting Ahmed was looking at the leadership for Selfridges while I was looking at John Lewis management style.

The week leading up to the 19 Feb 2015 I looked at the book “Mullins, L.(2011) Essentials of Organisational Behavior ( 3rd edn)” in this book there was a section on our chosen topic called management and leadership . I wrote summaries of each subheading in the book and I was reading up on the theories in management while Ahmed looked at leadership styles.

We met up on the Thursday 19 Feb 2015 in

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