How Masculinity Is Constructed Within The Content Of Fhm

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In this essay I will be exploring how masculinity is constructed within the content of FHM (For him magazine) magazine. Through the images and topics covered I will be analysing how this magazine is portraying how a man should be by the branding of masculinity in one of the UK’s best selling men’s magazine. I will be doing this by exploring the products advertised and analysing the content throughout. Also I will be touching on how FHM is shaping the minds of their readers and attitudes towards this topic and how stereotypical representations and attitudes reinforce what makes a man masculine in the eyes of a 21st century person.

Over the decades the perception of men has changed considerable. Men were seen as the dominant breadwinners and providers in society making them ‘masculine’. Since then this has changed drastically. The idea’s we use to relate to masculinity is now being challenged in society and mostly within the media. The more traditional idea of masculinity first started being question back in the 1980’s. This was when women first started breaking out of the stereotype of just being stay at home housewives and submissive to men. This stereotype was the “norm” way of thinking back then. Stereotyping is basically making an assumption on a group of people based on their characteristics.

“This type of thought process reflects the most traditional conceptualization of stereotypes within social psychology, in which stereotypes are considered to be ‘the picture in

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