Masculinity, Gender, And Masculinity

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Femininity in Homosexual Men In 2014, twenty-four-year-old football player, Michael Sam, was the first openly gay man to be drafted into the NFL. The country rejoiced at the fact that not all gay men were “sissies”. The feminine man stereotype is perceived as bad and negative; yet, most gay men have most likely had at least one “feminine” experience. However, no one knows why, exactly, that is. Why is it that there is a very evident stereotype that all gay men, do traditionally feminine things? Even more so, why is that stereotype mostly true? Where does this stereotype come from? And finally, why is there such a negative stigma? The feminine gay man stereotype has lived on for centuries, and will most likely continue for many more. It is…show more content…
Alvear uses the example of his ex-boyfriend Larry. He says that he met Larry while he was in the closet, but after he came out and started hanging out with other gay men he “started shaving his legs, wearing tight shorts, and calling everyone ‘girl.’” He goes on to say that he was most likely not born to dress like Cher, he just adapted to a culture that demanded it. In his article, Why Effeminate Gays are Fabulous, writer Vish Gaikwad, says that he is “campy, limp-wristed queen”. He goes on to say that the words gay and effeminate have become synonymous, and that the insult “so gay” is usually used when someone behaves like a woman. He, like a lot of gay men, has had to struggle for acceptance, not only from others but from himself, and the so-called narrow-mindedness toward gender expression aggravates him. When in elementary school, he says he rarely talked due to his peers making fun of his high-pitched voice too much. His older sisters tried to reassure him, but he started to think he became girly from growing up in a house with them. However, when he stole his sister’s make up and high heels to prance around his room in, she gave him a speech on how little boys couldn’t wear make-up or heels. At age fifteen, his own mother became ashamed of him, saying things like “Walk like a man”, “Boys can’t wear that”, “Stop acting like a girl”, and “Why don’t you
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