How Media Can Be Bullies By Using Manipulation, Bias Opinions, And False Allegations Against Politicians

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When someone thinks of a bully, a child picking on a smaller child at school comes to mind. Not everyone thinks of the media. They are one of the biggest bullies out there, especially when it comes to politics and politicians. Politicians, over the past few years, have been placed in major situations and controversies, and the ones that break down the whole story are the media. The media includes news, journalists, blogs, and anything else that covers top and local stories. When it comes to the media and politics, they seem to have their way with politicians and the topics they are covering. They shine light on the negatives. The media spreads this negativity to society and people have the view of all politicians being corrupt and immoral. …show more content…

Since a majority of people have a quick way to viewing news reports, people see the latest things going on, especially in politics. As soon as a government official does something, good or bad, it is over the entire world in a matter of minutes. The media has a massive impact on how people view certain government officials. Their reports and articles give bias opinions that some people choose to believe and feed off of to create an opposite and negative view of a politician. The way the media portrays politicians in certain situations can influence the public’s view on government officials all together. “Lies tend to stick in people 's minds, and can sway the outcome of elections, as well as public opinion in many arenas,” Douglas LaBier, business psychologist and psychotherapist, proclaims (LaBier). This statement is technically accurate. Hearing things from the media sometimes is sort of like hearing a rumor. It is hard to not think about what was just heard and when it is continuously on the mind, it seems to start making sense. Actions and words are then connected to that rumor and give a glimpse of evidence that makes it seem true to people. This is how some false reports from the media start to develop. The reporters tell the story, show clips of that appear to be the politician carrying out the act or confessing to a certain thing, and it all becomes real. Most of the time the media’s reports are false and inaccurate. They strive to search for the lies and

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