How Media Influence On The Opinion Of Public On Certain Topics

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Here I will discuss how media influence can affect the opinion of public on certain topics and how whether they provide evidence when explaining their concerns in the articles. Also, how they use different approaches and how the public perceives the article.
The article tends to use a lot of words like “His belligerent intent”, “The biotech giants” or “big biotech companies” this putting forward how bad the GM crops and trying to make it sound very bad though in some cases it isn’t as bad as they make it. By using these it creates among readers and makes them disagree with it even more. By “His belligerent intent” it makes it seem like a joke already, even though they haven’t gotten into much detail yet, this showing where the article is already towards too in this one in particular towards the negative and bad sides of GM crops or as they call it “Frankenstein food”.
Some of the concerns in the article are backed up by the use of evidence for example in the article they mention about GM food and how “Mr Paterson says he is now sure they are ‘a good thing’ and have ‘real environmental benefits’.” Though despite this they provide evidence to go against to what he is saying by mentioning specific research done before like “Most worrying are the findings of Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini and his team at the University of Caen in France, who found that rats fed for an extended period on GM maize were several times more likely to develop tumours of the digestive tract and suffer…
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