How Men and Women Are Perceived According to Their Gender

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In today's western world societal differences occur based on ones gender and have been shaped over hundreds of years and have shown what is deemed acceptable for one gender is not always acceptable for the other. Our society is based on a gender social structure and what is appropriate for an individual. Promiscuous behavior and active sexual expression ranges from what's expected of an individual and can change based on their gender, age and socio-economic status. The evolutionary theories explain biological differences in sexual behavior between males and females , which have developed patterns to sustain the double standard. This theories state that men are to pass on their genes , in order to have many children to carry their DNA , where as females are to be selective and find one productive father that can support and take care of them (Milhausen & Herold , 2008). Evolutionary theories also explain that if a women were to go out and sleep with a variety of males, she would be see as permissive and that is not accepted because if the women were to get pregnant she would than not know the paternity of her child , therefore the man would question the paternity of the child (Fugere, Escoto, Cousins, Riggs, Haerich, 2008). Men and women are judged by different standards in society and these cultural norms show males as more dominated within the sexual double standard, where as some women endorse the standard to protect their personal relationship. Women are suppose to be
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