How Mobile Technology Can Be Integrated With The Army Surgeon General 's Performance Triad

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Abstract Problem/Purpose Statement: To discuss how mobile technology can be integrated with the Army Surgeon General’s Performance Triad in order to exceed the 100 minutes the average patient has in a healthcare setting. Why the study is being conducted: Mobile technology has become ubiquitous making it the ideal platform to promote healthy lifestyles. The Performance Triad is a comprehensive plan that focuses on promoting better sleep, activity, and nutrition habits. The Performance Triad addresses the lifestyle choices made in the Lifespace, the time that is not spent with a healthcare provider. The Lifespace is where healthy habits can be maintained or improved and where people need information, education, and support. The integration of the Performance Triad with mobile technology will allow healthcare providers to reinforce healthy habits beyond the 100 minutes the average Soldier spends in a healthcare setting. Design/method/approach: A literature review was conducted using Google Scholar. Keywords healthcare, apps, sleep, activity, and nutrition were used to find articles peer reviewed articles published in 2015 and sorted by relevance. Results/findings: Mobile technology is constantly accessible. There are numerous applications, as well as short messaging service (SMS) interventions that use behavior changing techniques to positively impact behavior. Interventions using mobile technology have been shown to improve healthy lifestyle habits.

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