How Monotheism As A Type Of Religion

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When discussing monotheism as a type of religion, we are talking about religion as the act of worship by man, not the origin of God. The former is something that could theoretically be proven based on anthropology and other earth sciences; the latter can only be revealed through God himself or the supernatural world. Because of my bias as a devout Christian, I believe that in the beginning there was one true God who created all. However, as Winfried Corduan pointed out in his book, Neighboring Faiths, the theory of original monotheism provides space for its own evolution through decay and ritual. It is within the evolutionary regression from original monotheism and the process back that we are shown God’s gift of freewill in humankind and God’s unending desire to redeem us. Corduan gave a thoroughly researched examination and comparison on two different theories of how monotheism as a religion came into existence, either through an evolutionary pattern from other primitive forms of religion or that monotheism came first. In essence, the proverbial chicken and the egg. Evolutionary Monotheism In the theory of evolutionary monotheism, Corduan explained that “many scholars assume that religions had a purely human origin”. (p.32). Corduan went on to map the pathway to monotheism which begins by humans feeling a spiritual force (mana) and evolves into visualizing that force in physical spirits (animism). As time goes on, the evolution of those spirits as they grow stronger
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