How Motivational Appeal Can Be Using Deceive Others Essay

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There are many ways motivational appeal can be utilized to deceive others. In the film “Promised Land” two of the main characters, Sue and Steve, utilize the motivational concept of fear to enact deception. However, Frank Yates (a respected member of the community who opposes the town’s acceptance of Global) employs fear and ingratiation to undermine the natural gas company and expose the deception that Global has employed, not only to the town but to Steve Butler as well. This paper will illustrate how fear, warmth, and ingratiation play a vital role in the development and ultimate detection of Global’s deception.

Steve Butler and Sue Thomason are two sales executive from the natural gas company, Global, they visit the town of Mckinley with the intentions of leasing the town for natural gas drilling; in order to accomplish this Butler and Thomason enact deception to convince the residents of the town that natural gas is their only option. Butler and his partner Sue Thomason make their first pitch to lease land to the Allen family who have two young children. Thomason, a mother of a teenage boy herself, utilizes fear to deceive Mrs. Allen (from whom they are trying to lease land) that the only way Mrs. Allen’s young son will have a bright future is if they allow Global to come into their town and lease their land for drilling. While trying to convince the family that leasing their land is the right decision Thomason says to Mrs. Allen, “Even before the drilling, the

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