How Much Different Can The Parent Trap

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How much different can “The Parent Trap” from 1961 and “The Parent Trap” from 1996 really be? If you have seen both movies you might not recognize all the differences. Overall they have almost the same storyline and watchers probably won’t notice any differences if they aren’t looking for them specifically. I never noticed the differences until I watched both of them again a few days ago. The movies are similar in many ways. Both of the movies are about twins who were separated when they were about a year old because the wife left her husband. They both decided to send the twins to camp where they met. At first they hated each other but once they figured out they were twins they came up with this master plan to get their parents back …show more content…

Many of the girls in the new movie had cell phones and didn’t know what to do when they didn’t have service at camp. Another difference was that the twins were from different places. The twins in the older movie were from California and Massachusetts while the other set of twins were from California and London. Throughout the movies there were smaller and more detailed similarities. As I have already said, they did not like each other when they first met. They caught each other’s eye very soon one day at lunch. Since they hated each other they thought it would be a good idea to sabotage each other and it was almost like a competition to see who could do worse to the other. In both movies, one of the twins and her friends decided to make a mess of the other twin’s cabin, called Arapahoe. They covered the cabin with honey, shaving cream, water balloons, and string. They were sent to the isolation cabin for disrupting camp all the time and this is where they figured out that they had to same birthdays and figured that they had to be twins. In the old movie, Sharon and Susan’s birthday was on November twelfth while Annie and Hallie’s birthday in the new movie was on October eleventh. They ended up cutting each other’s hair so they would look absolutely identical to fool their parents. Some minor differences in the movies would be their names and where the parents actually stand in the relationship. In the first movie, the twin’s names were Susan and Sharon while in the new

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