How Organizations Can Become More Sustainable

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This research shows how organisations can become more sustainable. Factor Four (1997 pub) explains how businesses and government can adopt new model to incorporate into existing ones. Factor Five (2007 pub) has many further suggestions which are based on original. Both of them helps in resource management in industries. The Australian Nature Edge Project demonstrates how consumption of resources can be reduced to 1/5th through a more realistic approach. For example, In Bakeries; there is high usage of energy and water and poor insulation has led to higher energy consumption and difficult working conditions. Bakers Delight (a chain of bakeries in Australia and elsewhere), reduced their energy consumption by 40%, greenhouse gases by
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(Answer 1) The principle of scientific management is about the study of human behaviour and physiology. A sustainable approach to managing the operations to reduce water and energy consumption, improve production efficiency and increase output. For this purpose, utilising the principle of scientific management will help reach the highest labour productivity and maximum efficiency. This will help organisation to reach their common goal and achieve the highest efficiency is to use scientific and standardized management methods.
Quantitative approach is contributed directly to management decision making. Reduction of water and energy consumption is relying on the quantitative techniques. So when the organisation wants to organize some changes to improve the use of resources, they will likely require some studies. Stronger support for successful energy saving projects would be evident if using quantitative methods.
(Answer 2) Organizational behaviour is an academic discipline concerned with describing, understanding, predicting, and controlling human behaviour in an organizational environment.
It is concerned of what people do and how their behaviour affects the organization as a whole thereby helping the organisation attain its goals by increasing employee’s productivity
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