How Parenting Style Effect the Family Systems Essay

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Introduction What was your “family system” like and how do you believe it has effected you? As I read the text for the week, I cringed at the different parenting styles and the affects it had on me. I was reminded of the parenting style of my father. He was definitely “authoritarian.” I remember how degrading I felt as a child and vowed to never do that to my own children. Was I successful or did I develop another issue, as we see Victor Hinson describe in his own life?
What is Family Systems? According to Murray Bowen, Jay Haley, Don Jackson and Salvador Munichin family systems are “organized wholes with interdependent elements,” homeostasis and circularity (Manglesdorf & Schoppe-Sullivan, 2007. p.60-62). Homeostasis is …show more content…

Family systems can affect physical, as well as emotional, spiritual, and social development of a child. Studies have shown that economic circumstances have influences on the physical and cognitive development. “Differences in height and weight reflect economic factors within the United States as well” (Feldman, 2014, 2010 . p.205). When children are under nourished, it also affects their cognitive development. Neuroscientists are beginning to understand the link between brain development and cognitive development. Poverty also has an effect on the development of language as well. Studies have found that “by the age of four children of parents that receive welfare were likely to have been exposed to some 13 million fewer words than those in families classified as professionals” (2014, 2010. p.228). Children who have been abused or neglected have trouble socializing with others, they can be aggressive, or withdrawn. Studies have found that they are effected physically as “abuse alters the brain” (p.257). When we think about family systems we also think about parenting styles and the effects they have on the child. The parenting styles that have been studied are the Authoritarian. Authoritarian parenting can be compared to that of a drill sergeant. This style is very controlling and cold. Children who grow up with this type of parent tend to be withdrawn, not friendly (2014, 2010). Permissive parenting provide lax

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