How People Can Be Manipulated Into Buying A Product

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Summary of the research question and outcome I chose my research question because I was interested in how people can be manipulated into buying a product. From my own experience I have realised that it is possible to be mislead by food packaging. As I researched I found out that not all food packaging accurately represents what is being sold. I proved this by the use of surveys and articles on the topic. I completed my outcome in the form of a report explaining the results of my research. The key finding of my research was that some food packaging could be quite misleading for a buyer. A secondary finding from the survey I sent out was that people do not care too much about the fact that certain food products are misleading them. This is…show more content…
The literature review research process helped make me think more about my gained information and to challenge my initial thoughts. My initial thoughts that misleading food packaging could only happen through images was changed as I realised that it can happen with written claims on the packaging. This raised important questions within my research. Many of the articles I used in my research helped build understanding of misleading food packaging on conflicted with other sources so it became important for me to cross-reference my research sometimes conflicted with others so it was important that I would look through both thoroughly and then to sometimes cross-reference my research. It was through doing this that my investigation could be more truthful, finding that misleading packaging can occur in many different ways. In order to add more diversity in the types of research used for this project I conducted a survey to gain primary data and see whether the results supported the claims of the articles or not. I decided to create the survey using the website SurveyMonkey as it is a reliable website to use and I can easily give out the survey while retrieving the data from it just as easily. The questions that I asked were based around information that I gained from secondary data. I wanted to see whether the claims made from these articles were true
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