Air Pollution In Beijing Essay

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Pollution in Beijing has exceeded the ‘Very unhealthy’ alert and is now rated unlivable. People in Beijing are advised to avoid going outside wherever possible. Good morning/afternoon everyone. I 'm here today to raise awareness about air pollution in Beijing, the capital city of china.

What is Pollution?
Pollution is defined as the process of harmful substances being released into the air. Some of these substances include Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur dioxide, Lead and PM2.5. PM2.5 is small particles which are smaller than 25 thousandths of a millimeter. This polluted air will fill your lungs with tiny particles and cause Lung cancer, Asthma and other heart and lung diseases.

How does Pollution affect the people of Beijing?
According to the EPA pollution recommendations, when a city reaches an air quality index (AQI) of over 400, all people should avoid going outdoors. Beijing’s highest AQI is 895. This impacts the daily lives of Beijing citizens immensely. Air pollution has been related to increased cases of cancer, heart disease, stroke and other respiratory illnesses. It is also associated with asthma in children.

How did pollution become a problem in Beijing?
China produces half of the world’s coal, and 70% of china’s energy is produced by burning coal, about the same as Australia. China has burned about 3.8 Billion tons of before 2011, and the rest of the world has burnt 4.3. Coal burning produced about five billion tons of carbon dioxide in china in 2004.

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