How Poverty Causes The Greatest Suffering On Humans

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Abstract The World Health Organization described that poverty causes the greatest suffering on humans. Poverty leads to people living in a state of financial instability that causes both physical and emotional stress. The problem of poverty has continued to be a problem to both the developing and the developed countries all over the world. The main focus in this paper is on poverty in America and how it affects the American economy. The paper will also find ways to reduce poverty, the new faces of poverty and how it affects the citizens Introduction Poverty is a where an individual or a particular community does not have sufficient amount of resources or income to cater for their needs (Dollar).
The key factors that may lead to such economic situation may be overpopulation, unequal distribution of resources, the increasing and high standards or cost of living. The other factors that may result to poverty are a lack of adequate employment and education opportunities, degrading the environmental, and economic and demographic trends in the society. Poverty is caused by deprivation or lack of the essentials needs that are required for an individual to have the minimum standard of well-being and life(Dieterlen). The overall effect of poverty has grievous consequences on human life and the society.
In many developed and
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