How Psychology Affects The Workplace Essay

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How Psychology Affects the Workplace
Through the course of my research I have been studying and taking notes on my coworkers and I have found many traits in day to day converse that are included in the studies of this class. The group in particular that I have been analyzing has many expected and unexpected qualities amongst all members in the group. I evaluated two girls and two boys and they all have many of the same traits such as; they value their job, they speak formally with management and informally with customers, they are optimistic and they care about their hygiene. Though they have many of the same qualities, they pose them at different levels. Some qualities I found not of just the individual but of the entire group that I …show more content…

This not only impacted the group but it also had great effect on the individuals making them enjoy their work which in turn increased productivity and spreading optimism to customers whom they came in contact with. Stereotypes are generalization about some groups characteristics that imply that all members are the same in some way. This was another observation that I made throughout my research however, I found that this trait of the social group was more implied than intentional. Although all members of the group I analyzed are fairly intelligent, the two people whom were in college were the ones that were chosen to do the work that requires heavy mathematical understanding such as inventory, counting cash drawers and daily sales tracking. These two individuals were stereotyped as “more intelligent” and that is why they had to do the mathematical work even though all members of the group were capable. This affected the two college students’ ego positively considering that the task was assigned to them for “superior mathematical intelligence” and it affected the others positively as well simply because they were too busy to complete such tasks that involved heavy and time-consuming math. This improved upon how quickly work was being done because even though every member of the group was capable of doing the mathematical work, the members of

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