Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of African American Students Essay

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Stereotypes can be defined as schemas applied to a group of people sharing common physical, biological or racial characteristics. Focusing on education, African American students had consistently been negatively stereotyped about their intellectual abilities. Research indicates that racial stereotypes negatively affect African American students’ academic performance. This correlation, though, is clearest among salient African American students, implying that psychological factors may result from these discriminations.
African American children demonstrate early awareness of ethnic stereotypes and can identify some stereotypes about their group due to highly salient physical characteristics that may have forced them to face stereotypes at an early age. Shelvin, Rivadeneyra & Zimmerman (2014) conducted an experiment on churches, after-school and cultural enrichment programs with students aged between 10 to 12 years. One hundred and eighty-six African American students from various social class levels took two tasks; the Stereotype Awareness task where they wrote all the stereotypes they know about their race, referring to the definition and example for stereotypes that were given to them on the top part of the answering paper and the Multidimensional Inventory of Black Identity-Teen (MIBI) test was introduced where students defined their group identity, beliefs of others about them, and importance of their identity for self-concept. Students’ results were mainly around seven
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