How Robots Can Improve Our Lives

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Technology has now grown and expanded to point where it is demonstrating humans and reacting to our responses and needs. We are asking robots to basically become assistants, “Some people are asking to do daily chores, while others either hope for a mechanical bride or a sociable robot”. If scientists are able to create and design a robot that can handle the tasks I aforementioned our daily life would be altered. For instance, majority of us would have a housemaid, a friend and a mechanic. The true question is: Are we only inserting these robots into our lives due to our negative experiences or lack of experiences with others.

Robots can perform household chores in which would allow humans to have more freedom to complete or tasks, or either have more assistance to complete that one tasks in particular. To have a twenty-four hour aid would be amazing because it would make daily life operations more efficient and less time consuming. One could only imagine the weight that will be lifted off of our shoulders with a robot that can perform our tasks, and perform them well.

When it comes to the mechanical bride part, I am unsure of. I would not want a robot for a wife or girlfriend for that matter. I believe that with a human: certain emotions, responses and actions are in my opinion needed. I believe that with a robot, it will be to programmed to know how to respond to one persons needs, because I am sure they will be programmed for a general population. Humans can
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